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This short piece scored for 3 euphoniums and tuba was commissioned by Adam Frey for the International Euphonium Institute in June of 2007. 
The composer states:
"Meditation and Madness consists of 2 parts of about equal duration: The first movement, Meditation, explores the lyrical and melodic qualities of the euphonium and features a chorale-like setting with all four voices moving in counterpoint, alternating in their individual rendering of the main motif and ending in a suspended chord that leads, attacca, into the second movement.  Madness is a fast and march-like movement with strong, often syncopated, rhythmic elements that incessantly drive the movement to its grand finale, which includes a brief restatement of the original lyrical theme from the first movement. - A truly fun and challenging piece."
Samples:  PDF MP3 (complete live premiere)
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