• Brass Trails Method Book (Bass Clef)

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A new look at fundamentals by Michael Muller and Maria Stru.

On your journey through the Brass Trail you will encounter various stations and challenges. At each station, you will find helpful advice to help you improve. Brass Trail offers a wide variety consisting of well-known melodies and varied exercises.

The following workbook for baritone, euphonium and tenor horn contains selected exercises and tips from our daily practice ritual. It is aimed at motivated musicians that want to perfect their technical abilities and take a further step forward.
The book offers good self-reflection of the practice process by giving the opportunity to plan one’s practice sessions autonomously.

Table of Contents includes exercises and explanations for:



Flow Studies

Lip Flexabilities

High Register

Finger Technique

Dynamics and Intonation

Single Tonguing


Double Tonguing

Triple Tonguing