Falcone Student 2021

NOTE: There is an age limit for the student divisions. For the 2021 Festival, a participant who will be 20 years old
or older on December 1, 2021 is NOT ELIGIBLE to apply in either student division. There are no exceptions.

Preliminary Round (recorded with piano accompaniment)

Sonata for Euphonium by Fred L. Clinard Jr. (Shawnee Press)

Semi-Final Round (unaccompanied)

In Modo Humano* by Thomas Rüedi (Thomas Rüedi Music Productions) - https://www.thomasruedi.net/product-page/in-modo-humano-in-a-human-way
  - AND -
Characteristic Study #7 by Arban/Bowman/Alessi (Encore)

Semi-Final Round (record with CD accompaniment)

Mephisto Masque by Edmond Dédé/arr. D. Werden (Cimarron Music Press)

Final Round (with piano) 

Sonata for Euphonium “Child's Play” by Barbara York (Cimarron Music Press)

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