• Rochut/Bordogni - Melodious Etudes - Book 1

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One of the quintessential books for euphonium, tuba and trombone players has a NEW EDITION!!! A must have for high school, college, and amateur players.  A stanard part of most teachers materials.  This new edition has been edited by pedagogue Alan Raph and contains a CD with .mp3 format piano accompaniment files and a file of printable .PDFs of the piano accompaniments as well! Among the edits are fixed accidentals and the addition of missing measures. The Melodious Etudes For Trombone series is written in 3 volumes of progressing etudes.  This is the least difficult of the books (and the only book in the series thus far to be re-edited).

Sample:  PDF

Parts:  BC only

CHECK OUT the VERY cool Counterpartsduet book by Tom Ervin that can be used with the first 20 of these etudes.   HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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