• De Meij - UFO Concerto (BRASS BAND)

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UFO Concerto, my first solo work for euphonium and wind orchestra, is not a traditional concerto in the classical sense. It consists of five movements that are thematically related to one another. The opening chord may sound familiar to some listeners: This chord and the first theme are based on the same five-note chord used in ‘Extreme Makeover’ and ‘Planet Earth’ in 2005: a major triad with an added 4th and a 7th. This chord has been obsessively present in my head ever since -- I could not resist using it again! Both the chord as well as the main theme make appearances in various shapes and forms throughout the entire piece.

I Andante – Con moto
II Giocoso – Vivo
III Andante cantabile
IV Vivace
V Alla Marcia – Vivace

Parts:  Solo Euphonium and Brass Band Score and Parts